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SoundShockAudio has everything from VST Plugins, Sample Packs, DAW Templates, Synth Preset, Kontakt Instruments, and Music Apps

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You’ll find a library of resources including, VST Plugins, Sample packs, DAW Templates, Synth Presets, Kontakt Instruments, and Music Apps.

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The free tools available in our library are of the highest quality and even rival paid tools.


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The cheapest and fastest way to create professional music.

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Our library contains a diverse set of tools that suit all music genres and styles.

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Our constantly growing library will give you a never-ending source of inspiration for your music. Explore and experiment with new sounds and production techniques.

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What People Are Saying About Sound Shock Audio

Alex Miroslava

The sheer number of tools available, and the fact that they are constantly updated, makes this the best resource for music producers of all levels.

Elizabeth Reyes

I’ve been using SoundShockAudio for a few months now and it has become an essential part of my music production process. The constantly updated library has allowed me to continuously experiment and improve my sound.

James Nguyen

As a music producer, creativity is everything. With SoundShockAudio’s massive library, I’m constantly inspired to try new things and create a unique sound.

Damien Larson

As someone who is just producing for fun, I was hesitant to invest in expensive music production software, templates, and presets. But with SoundShockAudio, I have access to an entire library of high-quality tools for a low monthly payment!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are thousands of amazing music production tools available for across the internet. We wanted to make all of these great tools quickly and easily accessible to music producers so we created an archive of all of the best music production tools created.

Everything is organized so you can find the exact tool you need to make the music that you want to make.

A subscription gives you access to our constantly expanding archive of free music production downloads.

No. Music producers and developers around the world created these tools. We don’t have rights to these free downloads or own any of them.

New tools are added every week. The number of tools added to our library depends on what new tools are created by developers and music producers every week.

Yes! All of the samples, presets, DAW templates, and samples in the DAW templates are royalty-free. You can use the tools in your productions however you like without having to pay any royalty fees.

This means you can create and sell your music without paying any other fees. However, it is prohibited to repackage and sell any of the free downloads.

Many of the music tools in our library rival paid ones. We are not saying that the plugins in the library are better than iZotopes latest plugins.

There are many high quality tools in the library that can help you create professional sounding music.

About Us

Welcome to SoundShockAudio, your ultimate hub for music production tools!

Founded by Daniel, a seasoned music producer and DJ, our platform offers an extensive, handpicked library of top-quality music production resources. SoundShockAudio simplifies your search for production tools by collating over 4,000 items, including DAW templates, VST plugins, synth presets, sample packs, and more, from creators worldwide.

We believe in empowering music producers by offering them access to tools and resources that fuel creativity and enhance music quality. SoundShockAudio’s archive is continuously updated, ensuring you always have the latest music production technology at your fingertips.

With SoundShockAudio, uncovering the best production tools is effortless. Subscribe today, dive into our rich resource pool, and kickstart your music-making journey.

Let’s create amazing music together!

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